Terms and Conditions

We request everyone to be patient and for the interests of the public interest,

Please follow the below instructions:

1. The obligation to register, also provide correct information and commitment to the general rules of volunteerism.
2. Each city supervisor has the right to exclusion and annexation as required for working interest.
3. The locations supervisor, he is the in charge person for the packing and distributing, so we request that to follow his instructions before starting the work and after it.
4. Please make sure to put on the campaign vest under the name of "Ramadan Aman campaign"
5. Policemen advice are very important, please make sure to follow their instructions.
6. For all the social media that will present during the campaign, you can not release any of your content before asking the chairman of the campaign committee and take the approval
7. Show team spirit and avoid any argument for the best of the public interest